Safe Zone’s Technology Division provides world-wide innovative solutions leveraging the technology capabilities of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Positioning System (GPS), Information Technology (IT), Sensor and Access Anywhere Solutions to enhance the efficiencies and effectiveness of business processes.  We offer the market a distinctive depth and breadth of expertise, experience, networks, technology and range — which enable clients to capture technological and systemic advantages and achieve sustainable savings.  Our comprehensive service portfolio and advanced IT solutions combined with our global network distinguishes us as a single source with the reach of a global provider.  

Safe Zone’s past performance, experience and company credibility steward each project from preliminary concept to project completion, with the over-arching objective to meet budgetary and scheduling requirements.  Our experience providing integrated cloud services is well supported and our methodology can be tailored to support your program management, planning, implementation (hardware/software), engineering, training, maintenance and support requirements.  Safe Zone understands these requirements because we have been supporting these types of implementations for twenty (20+) plus years. 

Safe Zone’s deployment and project management approach is based on proven, industry accepted best practices and processes.  This methodology helps us achieve our goal of deploying a quality product, on time and within budget, that meets the stakeholders’ real needs.  In developing and refining our methodology, we leverage the experience and resources provided by industry leaders, as well as the experience and depth of our team of engineers and project managers.  Our methodology is a living, breathing entity that provides the basic framework for developing all projects, and may be adapted and tailored to meet the needs of specific clients and projects. 

Global / Military / Government Experience — How Does This Apply?
A significant number of projects by Safe Zone principals were for large military or Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) contracts. These contracts not only required an intensive collaborative partnership for design and development, but complex integration, high levels of security, encryption and staff clearances that include and often far exceed, HIPAA standards.


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