Technology cannot replace a Touch

Safe Zone, Inc. is a newly formed alliance of Technology, Health Care, Hospitality and Aging Service specialists with impressive experience in their areas of expertise. 

If the technology functions well, but leaves residents and family members feeling cold or disconnected, then the technology only partially succeeds. True integration means that Residents, Family Members, Staff and Clinical Providers feel more connected with better information.


Safe Zone is an amalgam of technology solution providers, Industry executives and clinical providers for health care and agiing services. The technological expertise within Safe Zone comes from high level projects implemented throughout the Global marketplace. These cutting-edge solutions are comprised of tracking, sensing and advanced health monitoring devices for the VA and Governmental agencies.

Also aligned with Proximus, a Global non-profit organization that researches, develops and proves the medical solutions exclusively available through Safe Zone.

Additionally, Safe Zone offers Outbreak Response Systems to help manage senior living communities and other clinical environments during outbreaks of MRSA, C-Diff, Noro and other baterial and virus infectious agents.

On the wellness front, Safe Zone provides senior living communities a comprehensive, customized wellness, habilitation and fitness program specifically designed for older adults. A certain attraction during tours, the program has also documented positive effects upon attrition.




Services Overview Using Technology to change Health Care and Aging Services - now and in the future


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